Exploring the Frontier: A Deep Dive into Alien RPG's "Building Better Worlds" Expansion

  • 27-05-2024 |
  • Caleb Harrington

The Alien RPG franchise continues its journey into the dark, enthralling universe with its latest expansion, "Building Better Worlds". This addition delves deeply into the act of worldbuilding, offering players a chance to explore uncharted territories of space, engaging in the terraforming of new planets, and facing the awe-inspiring challenges of establishing new colonies in the distant corners of the universe. But as these pioneers venture into the unknown, they must be wary of the lurking dangers that await, including the nightmarish creatures that the Alien series is renowned for. This review will dissect the latest module from various angles to offer a comprehensive overview.

Building Better Worlds Features & Design

Building Better Worlds Features & Design

"Building Better Worlds" is sectioned into four distinct parts: an expansion on the Alien lore, new mechanics centering around exploration and terraforming, a plethora of new monsters, ships, and equipment, and an encompassing adventure module that weaves these elements together. Initially, the expansion attempts to enrich the Alien universe's backdrop with added lore and history. This effort, while admirable, starts off on a tepid note as it delves into the intricacies of the franchise's corporate machinations and governmental dynamics, which might not engage all fans. However, this lore-heavy section is brief, paving the way for more exciting content focused on exploration and settlement, where the expansion truly shines, enhancing the gameplay with innovative mechanics and aesthetics.

New Gameplay Elements

Among the fresh features introduced are two new career paths: the Entertainer and the Wildcatter, broadening the scope of roles players can embody in this vast universe. Alongside these new vocations, the expansion includes an assortment of new weapons, ships, and other equipment tailored not for warfare but for the challenges of exploration and colonization. These additions, coupled with insights into colony management, enrich the role-playing experience, allowing players to immerse themselves further into the Alien universe's perilous yet fascinating world.

The Adversaries Await

A notable highlight of "Building Better Worlds" is the introduction of new Alien species and entities, including those inspired by the controversial film Prometheus. The expansion adeptly expands on these cinematic nightmares, introducing formidable foes like the Biomorph, an aquatic Alien variant, and the Empress, a psychic powerhouse posing an unparalleled danger to the unwary. These new adversaries not only enrich the game's lore but also challenge players to devise novel strategies to survive the horrors that await them.

Embarking on The Lost Worlds

Embarking on The Lost Worlds

The latter portion of the expansion is dedicated to "The Lost Worlds", a campaign that takes players on a gripping journey to colonize new planets and investigate the silence enveloping nearby colonies. The campaign promises a sandbox experience, allowing for a significant degree of freedom in how players approach their objectives, whether they choose to focus on settlement building or embarking on daring expeditions to uncover the galaxy's darkest secrets.

Final Verdict

"Building Better Worlds" is a testament to the enduring allure and depth of the Alien RPG universe. Despite a somewhat lackluster start with its lore-heavy sections, the expansion quickly finds its footing, offering a rich tapestry of exploration, danger, and adventure for players to delve into. With its innovative mechanics, intriguing new adversaries, and the expansive sandbox campaign of The Lost Worlds, this expansion is a compelling addition to one of the most beloved tabletop RPGs out there. Whether you're a veteran of the Alien RPG series or a newcomer eager to explore the dark reaches of space, "Building Better Worlds" offers a wealth of content that is sure to captivate and challenge in equal measure.

Testing Methodology

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