Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Guide: Mastering the Gearing up for the Race Quest

  • 10-06-2024 |
  • Caleb Harrington

In the sprawling world of "Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth," players embark on a variety of quests that not only push the narrative forward but also invite them to immerse themselves into the intricacies of its expansive universe. Among these quests, "Gearing up for the Race" is a pivotal challenge, where players gather feed for Piko, the Chocobo, to ensure its optimal performance in the anticipated Chocobo race. This quest doesn't just test players' ability to navigate the game's world and its challenges. This provides a chance to further explore the personalization possibilities for Chocobo racing— a central element captivating the game's audience. Below, we explore the intricacies of finding the feed for Piko across Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, outlining the locations and strategies to secure all six greens and equipping players with the knowledge to enhance their Chocobo, ready for the race.

Feeding Frenzy: A Quest Overview

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In the heart of the game's narrative, the "Gearing up for the Race" quest emerges as a critical step toward enhancing your Chocobo's racing capabilities. Players are tasked with acquiring three specific feeds for Piko but are encouraged to collect all six available greens. These additional feeds offer the chance to secure a new Chocobo gear set, enhancing the racing experience and opening up further customization options for the racing fans looking to stand out in the competitive racing circuit of "Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth."

Navigating the Quest: Securing the Greens

As you embark on this quest, planning your approach wisely is essential. With six greens scattered across the game, each location presents unique challenges and narratives, enriching the gaming experience.

Stalkers? The First Green

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The quest begins near the Queen's Blood players in Corel Prison, where three thugs guard the precious first green. A strategic approach and a battle with the trio are required to claim your prize, setting the tone for the challenges ahead.

Swindling Seminar: A Test of Truth

In the southeastern reaches of Corel Prison lies the second green, guarded by the cunning Conniving Caglio. This challenge tests the player's patience and investigative skills, as determining the truth becomes the key to success.

The Bartender's Untended Garden: A High-Speed Chase

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Opposite the initial location, the third green awaits, turning the quest into a high-speed chase against time and enemies. Players must navigate through Corel Prison's treacherous paths, avoiding unnecessary confrontations to secure the green from a fleet of agile Cactuars.

Increasing the Stakes: The Final Challenges

As players delve deeper into the quest, the challenges increase in complexity. The Desert Rush minigame introduces a test of skill and strategy, where achieving a high score under pressure is crucial. Meanwhile, the underground Beast Battleground pits players against formidable foes, requiring a mastery of combat skills to emerge victorious.

Finale: Peculiar Card Players and the Ultimate Reward

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The final hurdle involves outsmarting the Queen's Blood card players. Victory in this intellectual duel secures the last green and signifies the completion of a quest that tests a broad spectrum of the player's skills, from combat to strategy and beyond. Upon gathering all six greens, players are given the choice to enhance their Chocobo's performance significantly. This comprehensive guide aims not just to navigate the players through the quest but to enrich their gameplay experience, ensuring that when they line up at the starting line of the Chocobo race, they do so with a beast fine-tuned for victory.