Finding Your Way to Fort Defiance in Fallout 76

  • 20-05-2024 |
  • Ava Harrison

The journey to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76 is no small feat. Among the various challenges you’ll encounter, one of the key quests on this path is "Recruitment Blues." This particular quest may test your patience with its administrative hurdles, but it also offers engaging interactions that make the process worthwhile. If you're looking to breeze through the steps and get your coveted military ID, here’s a detailed walkthrough to guide you.

Having completed "Defiance Has Fallen," your next destination will be Fort Defiance, located near Watoga on the southern end of the map. Inside the fort, you'll need to navigate to the third floor without the convenience of an elevator. Follow these instructions to reach your destination:

  • Enter the building and go through the metal doors on the left.
  • Walk straight down the corridor and turn right at the end.
  • Notice a collapsed floor; walk up it to the next level.
  • Turn around at the top of the collapsed floor and head through the door on the left.
  • Proceed to the end of the corridor and go up the metal staircase on the right.
  • Walk straight down the corridor until you see an Overseer's Cache near the Brotherhood Personal Terminal.

Trying to register as new personnel on the terminal without a military ID will prompt you to seek clues. Head down the corridor and enter the room on the left to read Squire Evelyn's Journal - Page 16.

Completing Basic Training at Camp McClintock

Completing Basic Training at Camp McClintock

Next, you’ll need to complete basic military training at Camp McClintock, located centrally on the map, south of Sutton Station.

Locating a Uniform

Speak to Master Sergeant Gutsy, who will ask you to wear a proper military uniform. Head behind the main building to find two barracks. Enter the first one and retrieve a Uniform Voucher from a duffle bag. Exchange this voucher at the Uniform Dispenser and don the uniform and helmet to proceed.

Training Exercises

Three training exercises await you: marksmanship, agility, and patriotism.

  1. Marksmanship: Head to the northeast side for the shooting range. Complete the test by hitting all targets within the time limit.
  2. Agility: Move to the agility area south of the building. Activate the terminal and complete the course, hitting every marker button.
  3. Patriotism: Interact with the terminal behind the main building. Enter the middle room and activate 'Jimmy' to eventually receive the terminal password. Accuse 'Jimmy' back at the initial terminal to complete the test.

Live Fire Test

Finish the training by passing the live fire exercise. Use the terminal south of the building to start and fend off waves of robots. Returning to Master Sergeant Gutsy will earn you a military ID.

Navigating Charleston Capitol's Red Tape

Navigating Charleston Capitol's Red Tape

Head over to the Charleston Capitol Building to progress further. Enter the DMV and use the DMV Application Terminal to apply for a Government ID. Fill out the virtual form to receive a printout for submission at Department B. Collect a ticket and boot up Department B's system at the central terminal. Attend to Ghoul enemies drawn by the announcement system. Await call of ticket number C42 to proceed to DMV BOT B2, who will ask for proof of residency.

Securing Proof of Residency

Proceed outside and find a fallen mailbox to the west, containing junk mail. Return and submit the mail to DMV BOT B2 for the next step. You’ll need to retrieve a blank DMV form from the registrar's room within the building. Submit this form to the same bot, who will direct you to Department C.

Finishing With Department C

Speak to DMV BOT C1, obtain a new ticket, and boot up Department C’s system. Deal with another wave of Ghoul attacks and wait for A3 to be called. Upon return, the bot will request a valid birth certificate. Use the additional terminal for details on Error Code 34B/1, then go to the governor's office to apply an official seal. Finally, complete the paperwork and use the DMV camera for your ID image.

Wrapping Up Recruitment Blues

With your military ID in hand, return to Fort Defiance and access the terminal on the third floor. Register as new personnel, scan your ID, and gain elevator access to the fourth floor. Follow the marker to Senior Knight Wilson's Terminal and read through the entries to complete the quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with XP, a Field Scribe's Uniform and hat, and additional random items.