Dead By Daylight Mode Is Coming to PUBG

  • 24-10-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

PUBG: Battleground’s Halloween overhaul is here. It features a time-limited mode some of you are probably well aware of. As a matter of fact, the team behind the game participates in recreating the Dead by Daylight experience where players work together to outsmart and evade a Killer before he actually kills them all. Keep reading if you’re interested in exploring the details.

The named hide-and-seek game mode is featured within a larger-scale event that comes with lots of perks for the fans. Because the collaboration between the two titles is official, the soon-to-be-introduced game mode is a high-quality copy of Dead by Daylight, with certain smart infusions to resonate with the unique PUBG environment. 

The characters will function in 3 conditions: healthy, hurt, and knocked out. In case excessively damaged, you’ll be sent to the Blue Zone Locker. Upon repairing the generators, survivors get to blind and bewilder the Killer. Before the title launches, you’ll be given a choice to play as a survivor or the Killer. 

With regard to the aforementioned crossover mobile event, the spooky action will be released on October 26 to celebrate Halloween. It will come with spine-tingling cosmetics, as well as familiar DbD's killer outfits. Complete mission achievement events to unlock them and earn special profile effects for participation. 

The named Halloween mode is a fantastic way of blending both games’ key features and showering the fans with a treasure trove of extra missions, rewards, and items, as well as sending shivers up and down their spines. So, have you given the spooky time-limited mode a try? How did you like the world’s deadliest game of hide and seek? Share your opinion in the comment section below. We appreciate your two cents greatly.