Helldivers 2 Director Teases Then Downplays Critique-Inspired Attire Amid Review Backlash

  • 25-05-2024 |
  • Caleb Harrington

The anticipated attire inspired by Helldivers 2's review backlash may not be in development, despite prior hints from the game's director.

The excitement for the Helldivers 2 critique-inspired attire seemed high, especially with Arrowhead showing a positive stance towards the idea. This concept was born from the extreme backlash Helldivers 2 received on Steam, attributed to the much-criticized requirement for players to link their PSN accounts. The negative reviews formed a visual cascade on Steam's review section, prompting some to suggest immortalizing this event as a wearable item in the game.

The Arrowhead development team appeared supportive of this idea, with the director of Helldivers 2 even sharing images that closely resembled the proposed attire. Yet, recent statements suggest that the reality of this item may have been exaggerated, and its development might not be taking place.

"The truth about its creation or potential release remains unclear," shared Twinbeard, the community manager for Arrowhead, in the Helldivers 2 Discord channel when asked about the item. "Rumors place it on a far-flung asteroid in the Vernen Wells system, while others doubt its existence from the start."

Such vagueness leaves the community in limbo, unsure if the anticipated in-game item will ever make its debut in Helldivers 2. Many continue to hold out hope for its arrival.

In a surprising revelation, the Helldivers 2 director admitted the game's original inspiration came from an iconic Star Wars scene, embodying the sentiment 'we are the villains.'