Renowned Fallout 4 modder, King Gath, critiques Starfield's outposts

  • 17-09-2023 |
  • Ava Harrison

Highly-regarded for his acclaim in the Fallout 4 modification community, King Gath holds a reputation for improving the game's settlements with his Sim Settlement mods. An expert in his field, King Gath sees potential in Starfield’s outposts, but suggests improvements.

In a conversation with PCGamer, King Gath questioned, "Why don't we have a set of structural foundations for all this production machinery?" He believes that to achieve an effective factory simulator experience, tools need to be provided that encourage superior visual organization. He proposed snapping machines together on platforms, color coding or labeling items, modifying the color on links, and more diverse aesthetics for machines for easier identification.

He also expressed a desire to see a return of some settlement mechanics from Fallout 4, saying, "Would love to bring back the requirements of providing beds/food/water for my crew. One of our core ideas with Sim Settlements 2 was the significance of people—it's what draws us to Bethesda games because without characters, our actions lack meaning."

Currently, having enough money is the only requisite to sustain player outposts in Starfield, a feature that caters to space exploration but may disappoint those who prefer direct management of their settlements. It seems there is potential for Bethesda to incorporate added attributes in the future, and maybe King Gath will once again lend a hand.