TikTok May Soon Have Built-In Games in the Main App

  • 07-11-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Video platforms seem to be discovering the potential of gaming. Unlike Netflix which connects its gaming apps to the account, though, the most popular social video platform, TikTok, is planning to do it easier. If it all goes as planned, TikTok users will soon be able to play mini games, and then more sophisticated ones, right in the main TikTok app.

It will look like a dedicated gaming channel, as Financial Times reports. On this channel, TikTok users will be able to launch games. It’s sure to say that HTML5-based games can launch right within the built-in browser. There may be heavier standalone games, though, that need to be installed as standalone apps; with these, the channel will rather be a hub for TikTok games on your device.

These games can contain paid content or ads. As an advertising space, it can develop TikTok’s advertising potential even higher. It will be even easier to implement payments via the already existing TikTok’s payment system. Content like extra lives, new levels, cosmetics, hints, etc. can be sold to casual gamers easily, especially given the social component of these games when on social media.

There can be other ways to implement gaming features, of course. The recently launched Triviaverse on Netflix is, in fact, an interactive video that unfolds according to the player’s responses. TikTok can also implement something similar, given how high the company treasures interactivity and engagement.

In fact, it’s only new for us laowai users. In China, TikTok (branded as Douyin) has been publishing games on its own platform since 2019 and has gained some experience at it. It’s not clear yet when TikTok will add the gaming tab to its users worldwide; its event TikTok Made Me Play It on November 2, 2022, though, clearly indicates its interest in gaming, though the tab wasn’t announced then.

What do you think about gaming prospects on TikTok? Which games can you imagine there? Share your vision with us in the comments if you please!