Unveiling Palworld's Major Sakurajima Update: New Adventures Await in a Lush Japanese-Inspired Realm

  • 09-06-2024 |
  • Ava Harrison

The grandest update for Palworld to date, the Sakurajima update, unveils exciting additions such as innovative equipment, structures, formidable leaders, and Pals, including the community-born "Grillet."

At the commencement of the Summer Game Fest this year, Pocketpair introduced the awe-inspiring Sakurajima update for their survival game Palworld, complete with a launch date.

This initial, substantial content update for Palworld is shaping up to be incredibly vast. The Sakurajima update, endowed with a fresh Japanese-themed island and a roster of previously unseen Pals - potentially featuring the aficionado's fiery alternative to Chillet known as Grillet, provides a rich environment filled with cherry blossom woods and mycotic-infested marshlands for players to explore and capture creatures.

For those seeking more rigorous tests of skill, Pocketpair's latest adjustment integrates a new faction, and a boss fight against a mesmerizing female striding a celestial-hued, crescentic Pal. Added into the mix are a dungeon, raid, and fortress for tackling. The opportunity to engage in PvP combat within the arena battles of the Sakurajima update, embracing your innermost monster-battling enthusiast, is particularly exhilarating.

To accommodate the influx of adversaries and armaments, Pocketpair plans to increase the level cap with the advent of Sakurajima, which is applicable to both players and Pals. Attaining this new level ceiling offers the challenge of revisiting older adversaries in their more daunting "Hard Mode" iterations.

For individuals who have a penchant for crafting and decorating rather than engaging in battle, Pocketpair promises to introduce novel types of constructions, remove frustrating building constraints, and expand the limit on the number of bases one can establish. The wait won't be long, as the Sakurajima update is slated for a June 27 release, providing a brief interval before the significant patch debuts.

Long before Palworld rose to prominence as the leading survival game globally, its CEO had allocated a segment of the company's premises for storing poker chips.