Bazooka Boy review

Bazooka Boy

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Launched by HAL Laboratory in 1992, "Bazooka Boy" is a classic platformer where players maneuver an anonymous lad wielding a formidable bazooka. The objective is to take down a formidable mechanical adversary to save a young girl from her plight. Fast forward to 2007, and a different gaming entity, Com2US, unveils their own creation sharing the same title. "Bazooka Boy," crafted by Com2US, emerges as a side-scrolling adventure suitable for multiple gaming platforms, acclaimed for its graphically intense and slightly grim storyline set in a dystopian 2099. Within this incarnation, gamers assume the role of a robotic protagonist—also named Bazooka Boy—navigating through an array of challenging stages. Mastery of the game involves adept use of the left stick for navigation and the right stick for combat, engaging targets across each level. Critics have lauded this robust title for its visual artistry and engaging gameplay mechanics.


The interactive experience is divided into a trio of core activities, encompassing level traversal, the acquisition of assorted collectibles, and the toppling of formidable adversaries that impede progression.

Upon commencing their adventure, the gamer encounters an initial stage where a formidable creature bursts forth from the earth's depths. It's imperative to deftly maneuver through the environment, secure the essential artifacts, and ultimately conquer the towering behemoth.

Armed with the mighty bazooka, gamers are bestowed the capability to dispatch the lurking leviathan, as well as to dispatch minor foes with its explosive force. Moreover, this potent weapon serves the dual purpose of demolishing obstructive barriers that hinder the player's path.


Bazooka Boy's visuals have a retro charm, featuring blocky, pixel-based art reminiscent of 8-bit classics. This side-scrolling adventure presents a straightforward and modest aesthetic. Set against a bleak, futuristic backdrop, the narrative unfolds in the year 2099, enveloping players in a distinctly somber atmosphere.


Bazooka Boy offers a limited gaming experience with a brief playthrough duration, typically concluding within a span of 60 minutes. The absence of multiplayer options and the lack of captivating additions to the game substantially diminish its replay value.


Bazooka Boy is a gaming title best suited for enthusiasts who have an appreciation for classic, retro-style games.


  • Bazooka Boy is a good game for people who like old-school games
  • The graphics are very good for a game of this type
  • The game is easy to control


  • The game is too short, and does not have any replayability