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Bazooka Boy

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Bazooka Boy is a platform game released by HAL Laboratory in 1992. It is a game in which the player controls an unnamed boy with a bazooka, and has to defeat the mother of all machines in order to rescue the girl that was kidnapped. Bazooka Boy is a game that was created by Com2US. It was originally released in 2007. The game is a side scroller, and has been ported to many different consoles. The game features a rather dark theme, and is set in the year 2099. In the game, the player controls a robot called Bazooka Boy. The gameplay consists of the player guiding Bazooka Boy through various levels, in order to reach the end. The player does so by controlling the character's movement with the left stick, and shooting at enemies with the right stick. Bazooka Boy has been well received by reviewers, with critics praising the game's graphics.


The gameplay consists of three parts: the player must navigate through levels, find and collect items, and defeat bosses that block the way.

At the start of the game, the player starts on a level with a monster emerging from the ground. The goal is to navigate the level, find the items, and defeat the monster.

The player can use the bazooka to defeat the monster, and can also use it to kill enemies that are smaller. The player can also use the bazooka to break open blocks that are in the way.


The graphics of Bazooka Boy are old, pixelated, and simplistic. Bazooka Boy has 8-bit graphics. The game is a side scroller. The game features a rather dark theme, and is set in the year 2099.


Bazooka Boy is a game that is not very replayable. Bazooka Boy is a rather short game. The game can be completed in less than an hour. There is no replayability, as the game has no multiplayer or any interesting features.


Bazooka Boy is a game that is only recommended for people who like old-school games.


  • Bazooka Boy is a good game for people who like old-school games
  • The graphics are very good for a game of this type
  • The game is easy to control


  • The game is too short, and does not have any replayability


Bazooka Boy
Bazooka Boy

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