Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 battle royale party game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The game pits up to 60 players against each other in a series of obstacle-course minigames in an attempt to be the last player standing.


The graphics in Fall Guys are colorful and cartoonish, with a bright and cheerful aesthetic. The character designs are unique and each level is filled with obstacles and obstacles to overcome. The graphics are simple but effective and help to create a fun and light-hearted atmosphere.


With its colorful graphics and simple gameplay, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a light-hearted battle royale game that's easy to pick up and addictive. The goal is to be the last player standing in a series of elimination rounds, each featuring a different chaotic obstacle course. The catch is that you're not up against other players directly, but instead must outlast everyone in a race to the finish. This makes for a fast-paced and exciting experience.

Replay value

The game is highly replayable, as there is a lot of variety in the obstacle courses and you can never predict how each round will play out. Even if you lose, it's still fun to watch the other players struggling to survive.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun and addictive battle royale game that is easy to pick up and provides a lot of replay value.


  • The game is extremely addicting and will keep you engaged for hours on end
  • The controls are extremely simple and easy to learn, making it perfect for casual gamers
  • The visuals are colorful and vibrant, making the game extremely pleasing to look at
  • The gameplay is fast-paced and frenetic, making it perfect for those who want a challenge
  • The game is extremely replayable, thanks to its randomized stages and various game modes


  • Unable to play multiplayer offline
  • Some levels can be very difficult
  • Not suitable for younger players