• Release: 8 January 2021 - present
  • Based on: Arsène Lupin; by Maurice Leblanc
  • Composer: Mathieu Lamboley
  • Created by: George Kay; François Uzan
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery

"Lupin", is a French crime drama that seamlessly blends classic storytelling with a modern twist. This fresh take on the tales of a gentleman thief has captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide, reintroducing the intrigue of Marcel Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin to the present day. Rather than a direct adaptation, the series introduces us to Assane Diop, portrayed by the charismatic Omar Sy, whose life and exploits are intertwined with Leblanc’s stories, propelling them into a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse against the backdrop of contemporary Paris.

The ingenious narrative, a love letter to the original works, introduces audiences to a world where cleverness is king and where Diop's mastery of deception and illusion becomes the tools for justice and revenge. "Lupin" part three begins with Diop in the shadows, contemplating his next move to secure a future for his family. With plans as meticulous as the character it follows, the show sets up an array of narrative threads that promise to enthrall fans and newcomers alike in the binge-worthy Netflix tradition.

The meat of "Lupin" lies in its extravagant heists, laden with tension and unexpected twists that are a pleasure for the viewers’ eyes and minds. Laying the groundwork in its initial episodes, the series dives headfirst into rapid-fire capers that blend the outrageous with the plausible, challenging the audience to keep pace with Diop's brilliant strategizing. Although the show gleams with the luster of Parisian jewels and Omar Sy’s compelling performance.

Some viewers have critiqued the series for occasionally stretching the suspension of disbelief a touch too far, creating scenarios that, while entertaining, border on the fantastical rather than the cunningly possible. It is in these moments that "Lupin" teeters on the edge of its own intricate puzzle, occasionally muddying the genius of Diop’s plans with moments that feel a little too convenient or contrived.

Moreover, while aiming for universality in its appeal, the show sometimes sacrifices depth in secondary characters, giving the sense that not everyone gets their moment to shine beyond the brilliance of Diop’s shadow. These elements point to a delicate balance that the series strives for but does not always achieve, leaving some narrative threads feeling underexplored or hastily tied.

Overall impressions of "Lupin" have been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers entranced by its daring exploits and the magnetic allure of Omar Sy's performance. The series's blend of contemporary Paris with the timeless elegance of a thief with a heart of gold has resonated widely, earning the show a rightful place among Netflix's crowning international successes.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by the escapades of Assane Diop, who, much like the legendary Lupin himself, has stolen the hearts of many and established his story as a fixture in popular culture. Despite its few narrative stumbles, "Lupin" remains a shining gem in the serialized crown, making viewers eagerly anticipate the next daring move in the life of modern-day literature's most debonair thief.