My Singing Monsters review

My Singing Monsters

Published & copyrighted by Big Blue Bubble

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Welcome to a world full of harmonious monsters, and it's not nearly as scary as it sounds! My Singing Monsters is a delightful crossover between a simulation game and a musical ensemble - a melting pot of creativity, fun, and boundless entertainment that is sure to charm anyone who embarks on the journey.

At its core, My Singing Monsters is about nurturing a thriving population of endearing beasts who create a unique orchestra with their voices. Embark on a journey of discovery and watch how the melody of your island changes with each new monster that you breed and nurture to its full potential. From gurgling beats to vibrant tunes, every monster contributes their distinct voice, creating a symphony of sounds that is truly mesmerizing.

The game doesn't just stop at breeding, nurturing, and listening to your melodious monsters. The customization options available for your island make this game a personal journey as well. From attractive adornments to themed landscapes, the choice is yours to make your musical island a unique masterpiece. It's not only about the eye-pleasing aesthetics; these decorations can indeed boost the productivity of your singing monsters, making it a beneficial aspect of gameplay in multiple ways.

The graphics and monster animations deserve a special mention here. Each monster species is designed with striking details and colors, making them a joy to look at. Their animated movements are just as expressive as their singing, making the player's interaction with them incredibly delightful. The spectacular graphics, coupled with engaging character animations, contribute to the overall immersive experience of the game.

Our flight through the Monster World isn't solitary! It's an opportunity to foster friendships with fellow players from around the globe. You can visit their islands, appreciate their melodious collections, and share your own monster maestros.

The game ensures ongoing engagement with new updates and captivating events introduced all around the year. It keeps the game fresh and increasingly exciting, making you look forward to what's next every time you log in.

All in all, My Singing Monsters proves to be a fun, interactive game that binds together elements of music and simulation. It's a delightful getaway into a world of charming monsters who promise to make you tap your feet with their enchanting chorus!


  • Over 250 distinct monsters to collect and level up
  • In-depth customization options for your islands
  • High-quality graphics and engaging character animations
  • Connect and play with friends worldwide
  • Regular updates and continuous events to keep the game exciting.


  • Progressing without in-game purchases might be slow
  • It's addictive! You might lose track of time.