Toca Life World review

Toca Life World

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Stepping into the world of "Toca Life World" is akin to venturing into a richly imagined and vibrantly colored universe tailored exclusively for children's creative impulses. This game stands out as a gem among the myriad of kids' video games , offering a safe and wholesome space for imaginative play where children are the true creators.

The attraction of "Toca Life World" lies in its non-conformity to the standard video game formula. Its immersive gameplay encourages children to build and customize characters, environments, and narratives based on their whims, blurring the line between gaming and storytelling. They can shape their dream kitchen or boutique, establishing a sense of autonomy in places they usually wouldn't, which fosters independent thinking and creativity. Furthermore, the screen recording and audio narration functions allow kids to articulate their world and become budding narrators for their mini-movies. 

Vibrant, animated graphics lend Toca Life World an aesthetic appeal that captures children's hearts and minds. Given the liberty to create from a repository of customizable elements the game becomes a canvas for kids to experiment with hues, shapes, and designs, fanning the flames of their imagination. 

Toca Life World takes pride in its character customization capabilities. Breaking away from conventional norms, the game provides options for a wide variety of skin tones, hairstyles and body types and even includes prosthetic limbs. This inclusive representation is a breath of fresh air in the realm of children's games, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance among young players.

However, with pros come a few cons. One such is the need for in-app purchases for extra outfits, additional locations, or bonus objects. While this is common in many games , kids might not comprehend the cumulative cost of these purchases.


Nevertheless, should your child engage with Toca Life World? The affirmative answer comes with ease. Rated as one of the top children's games and hailed as the iPhone app , Toca Life World is certainly meritorious of these accolades. It serves as a restrained and safe digital platform, promoting children's creativity and reflecting their diversities, providing them with an immersive universe that they can cherish and own.


  • Promotes creativity and independence
  • Wide range of customizable elements
  • Inclusive representation in character design
  • Safe and wholesome virtual environment.


  • Extra features require in-app purchases.